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Welcome to Selective Intelligence.

Selective Intelligence is a new reality TV series that will evaluate a contestant´s ability to survive in the dangerous world of counter-terrorism, secret-intelligence, espionage and armed governmental close protection operations.

Recruits will be pushed to their cognitive and physical limit by the host Carlton King, former Special Branch, MI6 and SO1 Special Protection Commander and subject of the book “Black Ops – The Incredible True Story of a British Secret Agent” .

Carlton´s Team:

Ex SAS trooper and author of Born Fearless, Big Phil Campion

Former US CIA Officer, Maria (an alias)

Leading therapist and development coach, (TBC)

What kind of recruits are we looking for?

We want recruits from all walks of life, all ethnicities, genders and income strands. Whether you´re an ex-offender or old Etonian, large or small build, an academic or streetwise, we want to hear from you.

Selective intelligence will test your mettle, determination, mental agility, stamina, resilience and above all your desire to succeed.

You should posses the self motivation to undertake secret missions alone, yet have the capacity to work in a team, work with a team and lead a team.

You will need to be physically fit, but as you´re undertaking secret service training, it´s your mental agility that´s imperative.

Those who don´t make the grade will be eliminated, but will have been enriched along the way.

All applicants need to be 18 years of age and over.

Prior to commencing the training, successful applicants will have a final interview with the Producers (observed behind the scenes by Carlton and Big Phil) before undergoing a physical and psychological evaluation by our specialised team of medical professionals.

The Prize…

In addition to gaining life-enhancing skills that will be an asset in any future employment, the winner will gain a substantial prize, which will be announced later in the year. Check back regularly for updates and follow us on social media.

Think you have what it takes? Want to push yourself, learn some new skills? See what you are made of? Click HERE to apply.

If you would like more information on Selective Intelligence you can contact one of the team via our CONTACT PAGE.

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Big Phil Campion and Carlton King filming at La Galeria Shooting Range in Marbella, pictured above. Great to watch them in action. Fast and lethal.

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Selective Intelligence Film Location Picture Gallery

Selective Intelligence has been filming in several locations already for the sizzler. Feel free to navigate through the pictures or just watch the slide show. If you would like any more information about Selective Intelligence filming or Warrior Film Productions and E17 Boy Productions projects, just send us a message via our CONTACT US page.


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Want to find out more about E17 Boy Productions, Warrior Film Productions or Warrior Global Media? Maybe you want to find out more about our current projects or you just have a few questions about Selective Intelligence? Whatever your query please fill out the simple form below with as much detail as possible so we can help.

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