Big Phil Campion

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Meet ‘Big’ Phil Campion if you haven’t already. To his fellow operators he’s a private military contractor. To you or me he’s a mercenary, a soldier of fortune, a gun for hire selling violence to the highest bidder, but to Big Phil it’s all just another chapter in a life spent fighting in the shadows.

Abandoned. Run-away. Half-beaten to death. Blown-up. Locked up. And all before the age of twenty. Phil Campion survived all of that, and went on to complete Commando selection, Para selection, and to join the SAS – before fighting as a mercenary in the world’s toughest war zones. Undertaking deniable operations, freeing hostages and escaping terrorists hell bent on revenge – the dangers and insane risks of life as a private military operator eclipsed even those of waging war in an SAS Sabre Squadron.

Big Phil will be working alongside Carlton King in this exciting series “Selective Intelligence” pushing the recruits into situations they have never found themselves in before. You can check out Big Phil’s book on Amazon to find out where it all started for him along with other amazing stories of his military life.

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