Carlton King

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Carlton King is the man that the Selective Intelligence recruits need to impress. He will be the one putting them through their paces, alongside Big Phil Campion.

To outsiders Carlton King was a regular policeman. Those close to him knew he had ‘something’ to do with Scotland Yard. But, only those in his inner sanctum knew he was a Special Branch officer who held a unique role in Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service (MI6).

At home and abroad, from warzones to the playgrounds of the rich and famous Carlton was embroiled in Bondesque espionage, ultra-deep-cover counter-subversive missions, counter-terrorism and national security close protection operations that made him known to world leaders from Blair to the Clintons, Chancellor Merkel to Sir John Major and their royal highnesses Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

Carlton King Black Ops Book

Helicopters, big guns, fast cars and luxury hotels are all part of Carlton’s story, as is his knowledge of extremist politics and the capacity to rapidly evaluate intelligence – not least to stay alive.

Carlton King (left to right) with Bill Clinton, in Helmand Province Afghanistan, with Tony Blair and with Sir John Major in Jordan Israel.

Having the highest clearance to state secrets for more than a quarter of a century, Carlton provides readers with one of the most authoritative, current and in-depth accounts of British secret intelligence and national security operations ever written. Consequently, it’s taken him more than four years of legal wrangling with Scotland Yard and government to gain publication.

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